At What Age Should A Dog Be Spayed?

My vet suggests waiting for one heat before spaying my jack russel terrior -- I can find no supporting evidence for any advantage to waiting after the first heat other than it may be an advantage to the surgeion because the ovaries and uterus may be larger. Most support spaying before the first heat. What is your view and why? Thank you.

I’m afraid there’s no easy answer to this debate – opinion is opinion. I would tend to disagree with your vet however, and argue that it should be done before the first litter. Spaying at six months is often recommended before a female begins to enter sexual maturity.

Some vets will spay younger and spaying of puppies as young as eight weeks old who are up for adoption in shelters is becoming more popular. While I can’t honestly think of a substantial reason NOT to spay before the first cycle it is thought that spaying before it will lower the long-term risks of other health problems.