Help With Conure About To Lay Eggs

I have one jenday conure. She has a small bulge under her behind. She hides inside my kitchen cabinet all day and only comes out to eat and fight with my kids. How can I make her more comfortable. Should I buy her nesting products?

The important thing is that your bird will not be laying a fertile egg, which means it will not hatch. This means you do not need to change her diet for preparing to rear young. It is possible she will become stressed if she is not able to make a proper nest, so it may be a good idea to provide a little nesting material. When the egg is laid, do not simply remove it. If you remove the egg it is likely she will continue to lay more eggs and this can very seriously affect her calcium metabolism to the point of threatening her life. The sensible thing is to buy fake eggs (wooden or stone often work well, but be sure to warm the stone before placing it) so that she continues to incubate it until she realizes it is not going to hatch. Usually this prevents them from continuing to lay.