Cat Is Dragging Behind On Carpet

My cat has been dragging her behind on the carpet every once and a while. We have noticed that she sometimes has feces on her fur around her anus (we think because her coat has got thicker for the winter time?) We think she is just wiping it off, trying to groom herself. Is this indicative of a more serious gastrointestinal problems like worms?

Itchiness around the anus is not the classical symptom of worms which people believe. I am not for one minute saying this can be ruled out, but firstly look at her physiology and diet. You say she is a long-haired cat. If she eats her own hair some of this will pass all the way through, and will inevitably be uncomfortable to pass.

When long hair is trapped ‘half-way out’ she may need assistance such as by rubbing herself on the carpet. However, I suggest you take your cat to the vet for de-worming medication and an examination just to be safe.