How To Move Home With A Cat

My wife and I are getting ready to move to our new home. We have a domestic cat - would it be a good idea or a bad, if not cruel, to put our kitty in a cage for a while at the new house with the kitty litter with him? He does not get to go outside and we definitely don't want him to soil our new home. He has been fixed and front paw declawed for 1 yr. And is a very good cat....never once has he soiled our existing home......what to do?

You do not specify how long ‘a while’ is, but caging a cat after moving home can be a good idea for several days, with breaks, to accustom him to his new home. However, if he never leaves the house anyway, and you are only worried about your new upholstery, then I think this is unnecessary – especially since he is generally very well-behaved.