My Guinea-Pig Has Stopped Eating

My 7 month guinea pig has been off his food recently and has a hard stomach. I am very worried - can you tell me what is wrong?

A guinea pig can stop eating for a variety of reasons, and it can be a symptom of many different diseases. Sometimes, however, it can be fairly non-specific. A swollen abdomen can also be caused by quite a few different things, such as bacterial infections, colic or a problem with the bladder. You should therefore take your guinea pigs to the vet to rule out any possible conditions, and see if any treatment is necessary.

If your vet finds that nothing specific is wrong, you may be able to stimulate your guinea pig’s appetite with a mixture of live natural yogurt, vitamin C and a little soaked dry food. The mixture gives a boost to the normal flora found in the intestines and can stimulate a guinea pig’s appetite.