What Greens Can I Feed My Guinea-Pig?

Which branches and leaves are suitable for guinea pigs?

It’ a good idea to supplement your guinea-pig’s diet with about 10-15% fruit, vegetables and other vegetation. This helps to provide variety, nutrition and also a good healthy digestive system. Make sure you wash all greens thoroughly to avoid contamination by chemicals and pesticides. Remember that just like humans guinea pigs do not all like the same greens – so you can try out a range of extras before settling into a more routine feeding pattern.

Fruits you might like to offer are apples, pears, cucumbers, oranges, watermelon, grapes, lemon and tomato. From the garden, you can feed some dandelion leaves, clover and even grass. They also like carrots, peas, green peppers, romaine lettuce, spinach, kale, corn, celery, beet tops and parsley. You should avoid feeding branches or leaves from trees and bushes since little is known regarding their nutritional value and potential toxicity.