Male Rabbits And Guinea-Pigs ‘Mating’!

I have guinea pig and a rabbit. The thing is that the rabbit is always mating with the guinea pig and they are both males! Why is the rabbit doing that?

Most pet keepers who have kept more than one pet at the same time will be able to tell a similar story. There are cases of mother and daughter dogs trying to mate, gerbil sisters trying to mate and so on. In the animal kingdom is there is no such concept as ‘homosexuality’ and animals act on immediate instinct alone.

Neither pet has probably been in contact with a female of the same species all of their adult life, and all adult animals get the same ‘urges’ regardless of their situation. It stands to reason therefore that the rabbit is behaving the way he is. This is one of the reasons why many people are not in favor of rabbits and guinea-pigs sharing accommodation.

Sometimes the guinea-pig can be bullied, and you have to remember that he may not be a willing participant in your rabbit’s activity. In severe cases it would have to be recommended that the pair are separated, since both physical and psychological harm can arise. You must give serious thought to how your cavy is behaving. For example, does he appear constantly shy, nervous and downtrodden? This may be an indication that he is being severely bullied.