How To Tell The Sex Of A Young Rabbit

When we got our rabbit we were told it was a male but now that the rabbit is about 6 months old we are not sure if it is a male or female, how can we tell for sure?

Telling the sex of a rabbit is a fairly easy routine. At six months of age, bucks should be easily identifiable as having a sturdier head and shoulders. The buck’s testicles can be seen on a hot day. They must be kept at a specific low temperature for optimal sperm production, and they descend on a hot day to maintain this temperature. Does of the medium and large breeds often develop a fold of skin under their chins. This fold is called a dewlap. Older does are usually larger than bucks of the same breed.

To determine the sex by close physical examination, first hold your rabbit upside down. If done correctly, the rabbit will normally become limp. I always recommend wearing a thick long-sleeved garment in case of scratches. Use your forefinger and middle finger to press down the vent area just in front of the anus. In both the doe and buck, the area will protrude. The doe will display a slit or central line running up and down the length of this protrusion, and each side will be banded in pink. A buck the age of yours will present a pink tube with a pointed end that resembles a bullet.