Stopping Your Rabbit From Getting Bored

I am going to purchase a rabbit. I have had one before but I was little. I was just wondering how would I keep her from becoming bored, since i'm going to be going to school soon. And what kind of fresh fruits I can feed it.

Just like a dog, a cat, or a child, rabbits love to play. They need mental, physical, and social stimulation just like any other pet does. A rabbit cooped up in a cage all the time with nothing to do is a bored rabbit. If you use toys to play with your bunny, your bunny will associate fun with you. This will cause it to bond more closely with you.

Try rolling a ball toward it and watch how it will curiously approach the ball. When choosing a toy, make sure that there are no chemically treated pieces that could harm your bunny. Avoid painted toys as they may be toxic. Dye is okay so long as it is natural dye such a food coloring. Anything safe for parrots is usually safe for rabbits. Rabbits love to chew, so blocks of wood are great. String a bell to the top of the cage, and your bunny may soon be reaching up to ring it with its nose. Experiment and see what your rabbit likes. Every rabbit, like every human, has its own preferences.

Your rabbit should not require any vegetables if it is eating good quality pellets, but a few are always welcomed as a treat. A little carrot or parsley is ideal.