Caring For Newborn Rabbit Kittens

I'm breeding rabbits and I just need to ask a few questions. When the babies are born do they only get feed by their mother or do I have to give them something? Also how can I make sure the rabbits stay healthy?

You should make available to the doe approximately twice her normal food requirements in the last few weeks of pregnancy. If you make sure that plenty of soft food is always available, the young will begin to take solid food when they are ready. Some soft food such as pieces of brown bread or cereal soaked in warm milk should be available in addition to the doe’s normal diet. This way, the young can introduce themselves to solids by eating soft, easily digestible food. This should be happening about 3 weeks after birth.

To make sure that the young are kept healthy, make sure that the doe has enough nesting material, which should be provided in the week before birth, so that they are kept nice and snug. You must also be sure not to be too interfering and try to leave the doe and her offspring alone for the first few weeks. A disturbed or over-anxious mother may neglect or even kill her young, but this is usually only in extreme circumstances.