Cat Shows at a Glance

The CFA tabulates points accumulated from show to show, and it recognizes the "top cats" at the end of the 12-month showing season (May 1-April 30).

Championship Class
Championship Class is for unaltered, pedigreed cats at least eight months old. Competition is against other cats of the same breed, sex, and color. When a cat collects six winner’s ribbons, he becomes a Champion, elegible to compete against other Champions for points toward the Grand Championship Title.

Premiership Class
Premiership Class is for neutered or spayed pedigreed cats. Altered cats are judged by the same standards as those of unaltered cats. Altered cats need six winner’s ribbons to earn the Premier title, and become eligible to compete against other Premiers for points toward the Grand Premiership Title.

Non-Championship Class
The Non-Championship Class is divided into six sub-classes:

  • Kitten Class is for pedigreed cats between the ages of four and eight months, altered or unaltered.
  • Any Other Variety (AOV) Class is for a registered cat or kitten, the ancestry of which entitles him to championship or premiership class, but which does not conform to the breed’s standard.
  • Provisional Class is for those breeds which have not achieved Championship status.
  • Miscellaneous Class is for any registered cat or kitten that has been accepted by the CFA for registration and not for Provisional Breed Class.
  • Household Pet Class is for all altered random breed or non-pedigreed cats.
  • Exhibition Only Class is for any cat or kitten entered in the show but not scheduled for handling by the judges.

Show Hall Etiquette
Every cat in the show hall is assigned a "benching" cage where he stays when he is not being judged. Although it is difficult to resist touching these elegant cats, please refrain from doing so. Never touch any cat without the owner’s permission. Cat fanciers are happy to discuss their particular breed(s) with visitors. Children are welcome and encouraged to visit the show hall. However, they should never be left unattended and should be cautioned against touching any cat without the owner’s permission.