9 Pets That Are Great for Families with Kids

Sooner or later, most families think about getting a pet. If you have children at home, you are probably a bit nervous about which pets are good with kids. Here’s a list of nine pets that are a great choice as a first pet for families with kids.

1.      Turtles

The great thing about turtles is that they never run away. They’re a very interesting pet for young kids because they’re easy to care for and they live a long time. Turtles are very resilient, as long as they’re basic needs are met. They usually get along very well with other turtles, so each child can have their own pet in a fairly small space. Turtles are a great family pet for children.

2.      Snakes

If you’re not squeamish about snakes, they can make a great, low maintenance pet for a family with your children. They’re fascinating animals with minimal care needs. Most require feeding only once per week and cage cleaning about once a month. As long as they’re not starving or mishandled, corn snakes and ball pythons are fun pets that very rarely bite.

3.      Cats

If you’re looking for an easy to care for a pet that will cuddle and play, cats can be a fantastic family pet. They keep themselves clean, they don’t need to be walked, they’re quiet, they require minimal training, and they enjoy being around people.

4.      Birds

Birds aren’t for everyone because they can be a bit messy and loud, but they also make great pets for families because they’re very entertaining. They’re very easy to feed and clean up after, and some types can even be taught to talk. Small types, like finches and canaries, are super cute and playful, which makes them a great choice for small kids.

5.      Fish

You could simply get a goldfish, but a tank with different species of colorful fish is a great choice for kids. Young children, even babies, love to watch them and they’re very relaxing to watch. Older children can be taught how to clean their tank and feed them.

6.      Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs can be a great starter pet for kids because they’re fun, sweet, and easy to care for. They don’t require a huge amount of space and they don’t have to be walked. They also live longer than hamsters and other small rodents.

7.      Hamsters

Hamsters don’t live for very long, but they’re a great starter pet that can teach kids about the responsibility of caring for an animal. They’re super playful and very entertaining for kids to watch.

8.      Pigs

If you want a pet that can live outside in his own quarters, a pig might be a great pet for your family. They’re super playful and fun, but keep in mind that they’re also very strong so they’re housing needs to be tough.

9.      Dogs

Dogs are at the top of most kids’ list and they’re considered the ultimate family pet by most people. They’re very interactive and playful but do your research before selecting which breed will be best for your family.

There are lots of animals that make great pets for kids and families, but these are some of the most common. Of course, no matter which type of pet you choose, your child should be taught how to handle the animal properly. They should also learn to wash their hands before and after handling their pet. Be sure to do your research to determine that the pet you choose will work well for your family.