8 Fun Summer Activities for Kids and Pets

Although your kids are on a break from school over the summer, they can still continue to learn new things. Spending time with furry family members teaches children crucial life skills that can’t be taught in a book. According to some studies, spending time with pets teaches kids about responsibility and empathy. And, it gives them both some much need exercise. Now that summer vacation is here, turn to these fun activities to keep your kids and pets active this summer.

Activities for Kids and Dogs

  1. Have the kids teach the dog a new trick. Hit up your local library and look for a book about training dogs. Get one that your child can follow easily and let him teach your dog something new over the summer. Not only will your dog learn a new trick, but your child will also learn patience.


  1. Let them play Hide-and-Seek in the backyard. Keep your dog in the house while your child hides somewhere in the backyard. Release your pooch and let him find his best friend.


  1. Create a backyard obstacle Course. Pool noodles, hula hoops, play tunnels, and even cardboard boxes can all be used to make a fun obstacle course that dogs and kids can run through together.


  1. Set up a sprinkler. Kids and dogs love to get way, so they’ll both have a great time running through a sprinkler in the backyard. It will be extra fun for your dog because he’ll love chasing his buddy around in the water.


  1. Let your child practice his reading on your pooch. When everyone is ready for a little quiet time, let your child practice his reading skills on your patient, non-judgmental pup. Daily story time is a great way to get a few minutes of peace and quiet.


Activities for Kids and Cats

  1. Help your child build a cat fort. Collect a bunch of cardboard boxes and cut cat-sized holes in them. Tape them together into a fun fort for your child and cat to play in. It’s a great way to spend a rainy summer day, and if you can find boxes big enough, your child can go inside the fort, too.


  1. Have your child teach your cat to fetch. Cats are hunters by nature, so they’ll love going after scrunched up tin foil and paper or cat toys. Your child can sit on the floor and toss things for the kitty, so he can chase them. Some cats will even learn to bring them back, especially with repetition. Offering the cat a treat and some pets when he brings the toy back will go a long way.


  1. Chase the remote-control car. If you tie a piece of string to the back of a remote-controlled car, your child can drive it around the room and the cat will go crazy chasing the string. This game could keep them both entertained for hours but keep an eye your kitty to make sure it’s not too much.

Summer is a great time for pets and kids to bond because they both need the exercise and entertainment. All it takes is a little creativity to keep them both happy, rain or shine.