6 Reasons to Consider Getting a Pet Guinea Pig

6 Reasons to Consider Getting a Pet Guinea Pig


If you’ve been wanting to get a pet, but you don’t have the space or time required for a dog or cat, you might want to consider a pet guinea pig. Guinea pigs are small rodents that come from South America, and they are a great choice for first time pet owner, especially kids that are old enough to handle the responsibility. Here are our top six reasons to consider getting a pet guinea pig.

1.      They’re Healthy and Hardy

When fed a proper diet and given good care, guinea pigs are very healthy and hardy little animals. They can have some dental issues and bladder stone issues, but these issues can be mostly prevented with preventive care. Just remember, they don’t do well in the heat.

2.      Their Care Requirements are Minimal

Compared to many other pets, the care requirements for guinea pigs are quite minimal. They must be provided with guinea pig pellets, fresh veggies, clean water, hay, and a vitamin C supplement each day. Their cage should be roomy with a spot cleaning each day and a deep cleaning once per week. Throw some daily love and affection, and they’ll be quite content. Don’t forget to keep males and females separated after one-month-old, or you’ll end up with lots of little guinea pigs.

3.      They’re a Great Pet for Kids

While gerbils and hamsters can be a little skittish, guinea pigs are great for elementary age children because they aren’t as fragile, and they tend to enjoy being handled more.

4.      They Live a Long Time

Other small pets like mice, rats, gerbils, and hamsters only live for about two years. Guinea pigs often live for seven years or more, and sometimes even into their teens with excellent care.

5.      They Have Cute Traits and Personalities

If you’ve never had a guinea pig before, you probably don’t know that they purr, just like cats, when they are happy and content. They also jump up and down over and over again when they get excited or happy; this behavior is called popcorning. Popcorning is super cute to watch, and the behavior is unique to guinea pigs. Even better, they like people and are often very friendly, even forming a bond with their owners. They get excited and happy when their people come around, often squealing with delight.

6.      There Are Lots of Colors and Varieties to Choose From

Guinea pigs can be long haired, short haired, or even completely hairless. They come in 10 different colors with varying patterns.

These cute little critters make a great first pet for children, but they’re also a fun little pet for adults, too. The minimal space and time investment makes them ideal for apartment dwellers or folks who live a busy lifestyle, but still, want a furry friend to come home to.