5 Things Your Vet Wishes You Knew

Have you ever wondered if you’re doing everything you can to keep your dog healthy? There are certain things every pet owner should know that will help them provide the best possible care for their dog. Here are the five key things vets wish pet owners knew about keeping their dogs healthy.

1.      Yearly Checkups Really Are Important

Yearly checkups should be at the top of your priority list. It’s an opportunity for your vet to catch any changes in your pet’s health early before they become major health concerns. It’s also a great time for you to ask questions and voice concerns of your own. This is incredibly important because animals are very good at hiding injuries and illnesses until they become major issues. The sooner potential health concerns are addressed, the greater the likelihood of a positive outcome.

2.      Dental Care is Necessary for Your Dog’s Health

Your next priority should be providing proper dental care. Not only does good dental care prevent dental infections and cavities, but it also prevents some kidney and heart disease. Daily tooth brushing is essential, as well as yearly checkups and professional cleaning as necessary.

3.      Just A Few Extra Pounds Puts Your Dog’s Health at Risk

More than half of the dogs and cats in the US are overweight. Your vet wants you to know that pets who are overweight don’t live as long as pets who maintain a healthy weight. A few extra pounds put your pet at higher risk for problems like heart disease and arthritis, too. Exercise is just as important for your pup’s mental health as it is for his physical health, so those daily walks and playtime are absolutely crucial.

4.      Your Dog Needs Proper Hygiene to Be Healthy

Your vet wants you to know that a proper hygiene routine isn’t just about vanity. Regular haircuts, baths, nail, and ear care are all necessary. Bath time is also a great opportunity for noting any changes or new lumps or bumps that might need to be addressed.

5.      It’s Ok to Get a Second Opinion

Your vet wants to do everything he or she can to help your pet. He doesn’t mind if you get a second opinion or see a specialist, and he wants all the information he can get. They also don’t mind if you do your own research, ask questions, and take an active role in your pet’s care. The more people your dog has looking out for him, the better.