5 Fun and Creative Ways to Make Money with Your Dog (or Cat)

Have you ever thought about making a little extra money with your dog? You can! And it’s completely legal, totally humane, and a whole lot of fun! Next time your pooch chews up your favorite pair of shoes, you can say “How are you going to pay me back for those?” This time, you’ll know the answer!

Surprisingly, there are lots of ways your pet can help you make money. Most of them are pretty easy, and they all give you a chance to spend a little extra quality time with your pooch.

1.      Go for a Walk

You already walk your dog every day, so why not make a little extra money while you do it? Chances are, our neighbors, friends, or family members have a dog that needs a walk, too. Or, sign up with a website like Rover to find potential clients. That way, when you take your pooch for a walk, you can bring a second, or third, dog along and make a little money while you walk.

2.      Turn Your Dog (or Cat) into a Star

Have you heard of Doug the Pug, the canine Instagram sensation with over 2.9 million followers? Believe it or not, lots of pets have their own Instagram accounts, and they’re actually making some serious side money for their owners. In some cases, advertisers are even paying pet owners for sponsored posts!

Start by creating an Instagram account for your pet and start posting pictures regularly. Capture fun and creative images of your pet everywhere you go. Be sure to post at least 2 or 3 times a day when you start out and learn how to use hashtags to get attention. Follow other pet pages for inspiration.

You won’t start making money instantly, but if you’re creative and consistent, you will begin to make money over time, maybe in as little as two months. Companies will start to send you free treats, toys, pet food, and other goodies. If you represent their brand well and get a lot of engagement on your sponsored posts, you can negotiate for cash payment on future posts. Congratulations! You just became an influencer!

3.      Start a Pet Blog

It seems like everyone’s got a blog these days, but if you’re good at it, you can still make some serious cash! Consider starting a blog about your dog or cat! How can a pet blog make you money? Basically, the same way you would on social media. Brands will pay you to promote their products. You can use your blog to support your social media efforts, too.

4.      Sell Photos of Your Pet

If you have a decent camera and an eye for photography, there are several stock photo websites out there, like Shutterstock, who will pay you royalties when they sell your photos.

5.      Start a YouTube Channel

Does your dog do the cutest things, ever? If so, why not capture those cute moments on video and put them on YouTube. Monetize your YouTube channel, and you’ll start making money as you gain popularity. Don’t forget to share those videos on your new blog and social media accounts!