Guide: Choosing a Boarding Cattery for Your Cat

While recommendations from friends can be a good place to start, always visit your selections in person to see if it ‘feels right’ to you. If for any reason you are not allowed to inspect the premises, it is probably wise to choose a different cattery. Make sure the cattery is clean and tidy; and try to gauge whether the residents are happy and relaxed.

Your choice of an outdoor or indoor cattery is important. An outdoor cattery consist of enclosures which are open to the air with an enclosed sleeping area. While an all-indoor cattery may seem warmer and cozier, there is a higher risk of spread of viruses and bacteria. Since most cats like to spend some time outdoors, outdoor catteries may generally be preferred.

Individual Cat’s Accommodation

  • At least part of the accommodation must be insulated, water proof and preferably have some form of heating
  • There must be enough space to exercise in, and there should be shelves, branches or scratching posts for stimulation
  • Individual enclosures should be a meter apart or separated by a solid wall to prevent spread of disease (and to prevent injury in case of disputes)
  • The enclosures should open into a safety area so that cats cannot escape into the outside under any circumstances

The Management of the Cattery

  • All cats should need up to date vaccinations against cat flu and enteritis
  • You should be asked by the manager for a lot of information about your cat, such as its eating habits, medication and grooming requirements

Points to Note

  • Good catteries tend to be fully-booked for holiday periods many weeks in advance. To ensure the best accommodation plan ahead
  • You may need to bring any specific dietary requirements with you to the cattery
  • You will need to bring your cat’s medication (if any)
  • You may be allowed to bring your cat’s favorite toys and blankets (possibly even its bed)
  • You should leave a contact number either for you or a responsible friend or relative who can make decisions on your behalf should your cat become unwell