FAQ: Is a Siamese Right for Me?

What can I expect from a Siamese?
Siamese cats are very much larger than life. Everything they do is louder and more energetic – from giving affection to telling you when they don’t like something! Siamese cats are often said to be the most dog-like cats and are believed to be highly intelligent. If you expect to have a pet who is quiet and can be left to their own devices, a Siamese is not for you. You must be prepared to provide lots of time and energy.

Can Siamese cats be left on their own?
Siamese cats may suffer greatly if left on their own for any period of time. They are renowned for becoming very attached to their owners and forming strong bonds with them. More than any other type of cat, Siamese cats are known to suffer when their owners are on vacation. Some cats may even suffer from ‘Separation Anxiety’ which is more common in dogs. In conclusion, if you can’t spend lots of time with your Siamese cat, have another one or even a dog to provide company.

Do they need special care?
Siamese cats need attention. You must be prepared to put yourself out for them, and to be expected to behave more like a parent than an owner! Since Siamese cats do not have a thick undercoat they may feel the cold more than other breeds of cats.

Are Siamese cats highly-strung?
Since Siamese cats do everything in a more exaggerated way, they interact on a different level to other cats. You may find that most of their emotions, whether good or bad, are more enhanced. If they are in a good mood, expect great levels of affection, but if they are in a bad mood, be prepared to stay out of their way.

Can they be trained?
Siamese cats will normally learn what is required of them in a very short time. It may well be a case of how quickly they can train you!

Do males and females differ in temperament or any other way?
Reproduction and seasonal cycles can bring about extremes of behavior, but since most people now neuter their cats, thee are rarely seen. Even though this is the case, however, females do still tend to be a little more stable than males.

Do Siamese cats have specific health problems?
There are no Siamese-specific ailments. Some have been known to eat woolen materials such as rugs, but this has seldom resulted in health complications.

Can Siamese cats be kept with other pets and children?
Siamese cats will live happily with an assortment of pets and children if properly introduced as a kitten. More than any other cat, Siamese are usually dominant over any household dogs.

What is the expected lifespan?
Siamese cats are one of the longer lived breeds, with 15 years being common. Seventeen or eighteen years is a frequent encounter.

What should I look for when buying a Siamese cat?
You have to decide what color, sex and quantity you want. It is best to get a male and a female (assuming they are neutered) or two females. Choose a healthy kitten with clear shining eyes and a clean coat. Always avoid hyperactive or nervous individuals.