Everything you need to know about pet insurance

Everything you need to know about pet insurance

It’s vital to have all your pets covered by pet insurance these days. Nobody can know what lies around the corner. Pet insurance can give you peace of mind. After all, pets are an important part of the family.

The pet insurance market is enormous, with a huge range of different types of pet insurance on offer. While it’s good to have so much choice, it can lead to confusion when you have to make that final choice. Here’s everything you need to know about pet insurance, to help you make an informed decision.

Firstly, you must decide what it is you want the pet insurance policy to cover you for. The wide range of available policies offer many different forms of cover. Most will offer vet fees for accidents and illnesses. Standard vet visits for things like teeth cleaning or jabs are not covered. Check the small print as some insurance providers only cover for 12 months treatment for an accident or illness, whereas others cover for the whole term of the treatment.

Liability insurance is included in some pet insurance policies. This is incredibly useful to have as it covers against any damage or accident caused by your pet. For example, if your cat runs into the road and causes a car to swerve and crash, or your dog jumps up at someone knocking them to the floor and injuring them, you will be covered for claims against you for repairs and medical fees.

Sometimes it will be you who falls ill. If you are hospitalised and have nobody to look after your pet, some pet insurance policies will cover boarding fees for your pet while you recuperate. This is extremely useful cover to have if you live by yourself.

If you go abroad in Europe a lot and like to take your cat or dog with you it’s sensible to check that your pet insurance covers them for emergency treatment. Many don’t, so be sure to find pet insurance covering vet treatment in Europe.

On occasion pets go missing. The most thorough pet insurance actually covers for the cost of advertising for the lost pet and even the reward put up to ensure the pet’s safe return. This is very useful for young dogs or cats, which can often be a little too inquisitive for their own good and find themselves lost.

It’s a sad truth that pets are often lost, stolen, fatally wounded or die from illness before they are 9 years old. Check to see if the pet insurance policy you are considering offers money towards the purchase price of your pet should any of these unfortunate events occur.

The internet has revolutionised the pet insurance market, making it far easier to compare policies and prices. However, remember that a cheap pet insurance policy isn’t always the best. It’s better to pay extra and get the cover you need.

Whether you are searching for competitive dog or cat insurance quotes, or any other type of pet insurance quote, use the above listed features as a checklist. If you can get all the different forms of cover listed for a good price you should purchase the policy.

Another excellent way to find a reputable provider offering superb pet insurance cover is to check the customer recommendations on their website and reviews on comparison websites and online forums.

Follow these simple guidelines and get the best insurance cover for your pet.