The Top 5 Easiest Pets to Care For

While all pets require care and dedication, there are some pets that stand out as being easier to care for than others. All pets must have attention and care every day, but the pets that made our easy-care list don’t require multiple daily walks, extensive grooming, or hours of daily care. These pets would make a great first pet for a child or a great option for seniors who can’t do a lot of walking. Here are our top five recommended easiest pets to care for.

1.      Ferrets

Although ferrets are adorable and don’t have to be taken outside, they are highly energetic and curious. They require stimulation from toys and attention on a regular basis. Just make sure their cage is roomy and escape-proof because they need lots of exercise and they love to explore. They are a very intelligent animal that loves to socialize, and they’re great for older kids.

2.      Hedgehogs

Hedgehogs are super fun to watch, and they’re very gentle. Although the do have sharp spines on their backs to protect them from predators, they won’t engage them unless they feel threatened. Most of the time, they simply curl up in a ball when they’re scared. They’re great for apartment dwellers because they are quiet and spend a lot of time in their homes. Like any pet, they require a clean environment, fresh food and water, socialization, and exercise every day.

3.      Rabbits

Rabbits come in a huge variety of colors and sizes, and they’re usually very gentle and social. These adorable little animals are very playful and make great pets for older kids who can be taught to be gentle. They require a fairly large cage, regular exercise and attention, and the opportunity to explore their environment.

4.      Hamsters

Hamsters are super cute and affordable to purchase and care for. Since they are mostly confined to their cage, they’re great for apartment dwellers. They can be very fun to watch, especially if they have lots of toys, tunnels, and wheels in their enclosure.

5.      Birds

Birds can be very entertaining companions for seniors. Some are affectionate and cuddly, once you’ve earned their trust. Many can even be taught to talk or do tricks. Just be sure they have plenty of room and their cage and provide the proper diet. Be aware that some species of birds can live for as much as 100 years, so be sure you’re up for that kind of commitment.

Every pet needs some level of care, but these pets are easier to care for than others. However, they still need to have their cages cleaned regularly, fresh food and water every day, and plenty of attention and exercise.