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Health Risks for Overweight Cats
Published: Nov 14th, 2013
Cats in particular are falling victim to the obesity epidemic for reasons we may not...
Hypoallergenic Cats
Published: May 20th, 2012
Hypoallergenic cats are believed to produce fewer allergens than other felines. However...
Top Five Cat Toxins Of 2010
Published: Jan 12th, 2011
The Pet Poison Helpline has revealed the five most common causes of calls regarding potential...
Change Of Routine Can Make Healthy Cats Act Sick
Published: Jan 12th, 2011
A new study demonstrates that healthy cats can behave as though they were sick when they...
2010's Most Popular & Unusual Cat Names Revealed
Published: Jan 5th, 2011
The nation's oldest and largest provider of pet health insurance has revealed the most...
New Film Premieres Cat's Eye View
Published: Dec 15th, 2010
The first film to be shot entirely from a cat's eye view has premiered in Hollywood.
Precious Cat Donates November Sales To Cancer Research
Published: Nov 17th, 2010
To support Pet Cancer Awareness Month in November, Precious Cat Inc. will donate 100%...
Metacam Warning For Cat Owners
Published: Nov 3rd, 2010
The FDA has issued an adverse drug event warning regarding the use of Metacam in cats...