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Siberian Husky Dog
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Added on Sept 26th, 2015
This is kenji he is a cuddle bug!
Kenji is a malqmute mix with husky he is a very calm dog, but he loves to run. He is two with beautiful sky blue eyes, and a loving personality. Any husky or malamute lover would love him. The best part about him is he is a rescued puppy! My brother got him at the shelter as an abused puppy he was very shy and always willing to try to please. He is stubborn though and took him a long time to even want to walk by my two cats, he is sweet and almost never barks or howls but if u get him too exited he will howl. Well his howl is more of a bellow but he doesnt do it offten. That is kenji my very sweet country boy who loves to run and cuddle.
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