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Contributing Writers |

Contributing Writers

Listed here are all the writers who contribute editorial content to If you think you would like to participate please Contact Us. Contributing Writers
Bennett Greenberg
Bennett Greenberg has been raising reptiles since 1990. He currently raises and breeds Bearded Dragons, Tegus, Boas, Pythons and Tortoises.
Beth Adelman
Beth Adelman is a Certified Feline Behavior Consultant and the former editor in chief of Cats magazine. She is the author of the award-winning book Every Cat's Survival Guide to Living With a Neurotic Owner.
Brad Kloza is a freelance writer whose work has appeared in The New York Times Magazine and Discover.
Chris Thomson
Chris Thomson describes himself as a real small pet enthusiast and has kept pets including gerbils, hamsters, cavies, rats and rabbits over the last 25 years. "My rabbits take up a lot of my time, but I like to hang-gliding and similar outdoor pursuits."
Claraetta Olney
Claraetta Olney has owned cats , dogs and rabbits in the past. Claraetta has studied many different horse personalities, and is knowledgeable about what a horse needs for the best of health. "Besides liking horses, I like to paint landscapes in oil, and ride my bicycle. I also like to train horses, both from the ground and from the saddle.?"
Colleen Pelar
Colleen Pelar, CPDT, CDBC, author of Living with Kids and Dogs . . . Without Losing Your Mind, is America's Kids and Canines Coach. Colleen has more than 15 years experience as the go-to person for parents trying to navigate kid-and-dog issues. Because every interaction between a child and a dog can be improved by a knowledgeable adult, Colleen is committed to educating parents, children, and dog owners on kid-and-dog relationships.
Daphne Reid
Daphne has been with PetPeoplesPlace for 6 years, and has been a contributor of articles and news stories since our begining. She is the editor of our Resources section and Weekly Newsletter, and is a community leader in our forums.
Darcy Lockman is a Brooklyn, N.Y.-based freelance writer whose work has appeared in publications such as The New York Times and Rolling Stone. She grew up with a feisty tabby cat named Cleopatrick and later roomed with a couple of calicos.
Deb McKean has over 15 years experience as a canine behavior counselor. In addition to maintaining a private client base she has been employed by an animal shelter and an animal hospital. "My primary interest is pets! I also enjoy board games, internet games, reading, movies, football (Go Redskins!) and almost any activity that I can do with my family."
Debbie Bailey has been a veterinary technician for 15 years and have owned a variety of pets, including dogs, cats, turtles, frogs, hedgehogs, guinea pigs, hamsters, fish, birds, hermit crabs, etc.?Debbie writes an online animal related newsletter on her website. "I love to write and read, spend time with my dog, and watch NASCAR."
Deborah S
I am an American veterinarian, my husband is an active-duty United States Marine, and we are currently stationed in Poland. With a touch of warm bedside manner, I excel at providing my clients with detailed content from reliable scientific and medical sources.
Donna Fernstrom
Donna Fernstrom is a professional breeder of ball pythons and arboreal geckos with 4 years experience in the industry. She is 32 years old, happily married to a man she imported from Sweden, and has 2 awesome children.
Eleanor Hunt is experienced with most species of animals, but rats, cats, dogs and hamsters in particular. Eleanor is a freelance writer, and has had articles published in 'New Zealand Woman's Weekly', 'Cat World', 'Your Cat', 'I Love Cats' and 'Animals' Voice'. "I like to write, take photographs, surf the Internet, send emails, and train dogs. I hope to become the owner of a female Hungarian Vizsla pup in 2004."
Elijah Merrill is a freelance writer whose work has appeared in The New York Times Magazine and Discover.
Elizabeth Brooks has had rats for over ten fun-filled years and has been breeding them for more than three years . With two other breeders, Elizabeth helped begin a new rat and hamster club in January of this year. The club is called the Pioneer Rat and Hamster Society, and it is an affiliate of the AFRMA and the AHA. "Besides working and playing with my rats, which takes a pretty good chunk of my time, I enjoy playing with my son and our other pets (dog, cats, fish), gardening, jewelry-making and web site design."
Elizabeth Wasserman a Washington, D.C., area-based freelancer, has been writing about pets, among other topics, for more than 15 years. Her love of dogs, in particular, was handed down through the generations from her great-grandfather, Eric Knight, who wrote the book Lassie Come Home in the 1930s.
Faith Meredith
Faith Meredith has over thirty-five years' experience as a professional in the horse industry. She has successfully competed and trained horses and riders through FEI levels of Dressage. Faith holds a BS Degree in education and has had over 30 articles published in more than 150 equine magazines and journals.
Ilana Reisner
Ilana Reisner is past president of the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior and a board certified veterinary behaviorist and Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists. She has been a featured speaker on the diagnosis and management of animal behavior problems at many meetings and symposiums throughout the U.S., Canada and Japan, and is the author of several book chapters.
James Glover
James Glover (Dr.) is widely experienced in small animal practice. He attended Vet school at Kansas State University - Manhattan, Kansas, and has practiced in various hospitals in New Jersey throughout his career, as well as having various dog training diplomas. Now retired, he is well known for giving seminars on animal care and helps educate rescued pet adopters through volunteer work.
Jennifer Viegas has written more than 20 books on animal, science and nature topics.
Joanne Eglash is a widely published journalist, specializing in health, fitness, food, fashion, relationships and lifestyles. She currently lives with two elderly cats, Miss Manners and Ashley, and is the official godmother to three poodles.
Karen Asp
Karen Asp is a freelancer who covers health, fitness, nutrition and pets for numerous publications, including Prevention, Woman's Day, Shape, Self, Fitness, Health, Real Simple, Good Housekeeping and Natural Health.
Karen Peak
Karen Peak began formally working with dogs when she was twelve. After getting married she began doing Therapy work with the Pets and People Foundation in Massachusetts for an additional 2 1/2 years. She now has two TDI (Therapy Dogs International) registered dogs with whom she works the Safe Kids/Safe Dogs Project. Other canine work she has done includes volunteering for three years with a training facility's weekend Dog Play Group and a former Guiding Eyes for the Blind volunteer. Karen's dogs have obtained titles in Conformation, Agility and Obedience. They have been taught Drafting and Skijoring. "I enjoy writing, fighting breed specific legislations (aka breed bans), crafting and teaching my son what I know.??But my main love in the world of dogs is my Safe Kids/Safe Dogs Project."
Kay Rice
Kay Rice has over 20 years experience in the equine industry as a trainer and instructor. Her background includes successfully competing in dressage, on the "A" Open circuit in hunter/jumpers and showing in many western events. She has also taught in equine management courses at the college level.
Kim Boatman is a journalist based in Northern California whose work has appeared in the Miami Herald, Detroit Free Press and the San Jose Mercury News. She is a lifelong lover of animals.
Kymythy Schultze
Kymythy Schultze has been a trailblazer in animal nutrition for over two decades. She is also a human nutritionist and has helped thousands of people and their pets live happier, healthier lives. To learn how to easily prepare healthy meals for dogs, cats, and humans, check out her best-selling books: Natural Nutrition for Dog and Cats: The Ultimate Diet, The Natural Nutrition No-Cook Book: Delicious Food for You and Your Pets! and her new book Natural Nutrition for Cats: The Path to Purr-fect Health.
Laura Perryman has been riding for 10 years and has been around horses for most of her life. "I love horses and they dominate my life. I also enjoy writing, making websites, playing bridge, reading, and singing in the church choir. I have achieved my Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award which I hope shows that I am committed and hardworking."
Liz Palika has been training dogs and their owners for more than 25 years and is the author of more than 50 books. She funds the "Love on a Leash" therapy dog program, which reaches out to hospital patients and retirement center residents nationwide.
Lucinda Burr has loved and sheltered animals of all kinds for many years. She is a former vet tech, copywriter and marketing director. Her work has been published in I Love Cats, The Backstretch, Western Horseman and The Berkeley Bark (BARK magazine). She has trained a number of dogs, including her Certified Therapy Dog, Teddy, and loves writing, playing piano, painting and reading. She currently enjoys the partnership of dogs, cats, chickens and a horse.
Mary Bownes
Mary Bownes is a qualified vet nurse, but has not practiced for over 15 years. She has been keeping ferrets for a long time - "perhaps over 20 years!". "I spend my time taking my many ferrets to shows and breeder exhibitions and it's good to talk to people with a similar obsession!"
Maryann Mott is an Arizona-based pet journalist who has written for The New York Times, Dog Fancy magazine and National Geographic online.
Natalia Macrynikola is an assistant editor at Studio One Networks, which publishes The Daily Cat. This spring, she'll be keeping her feline roommate, Freddy, safe indoors.
Pam Hunter
Pam Hunter has 50 years experience with animals of all kinds, especially horses, cats, dogs, poultry, goats, pigs, and other farm animals. Some of her work has been referenced in magazines like Horse Illustrated. She has also had a profile published in "the entrepreneurial parent". "I love animals, painting, writing. I have been published online for several years, not just on my web site but on AOL.".
Paul Stevenson is the New Media Editor for a UK Media Publishing Company specializing in the pet industry, mainly cats and dogs. "I enjoy reading, writing, music and TV. I also enjoy history and following my local football team. I am currently beavering away on a journalistic course."
Paula Adams
Paula has 30 years of experience in the real estate sector and is a long-time pet lover. She has a wealth of advice to offer regarding selling and renting homes with pets.
Phyllis DeGioia is an award-winning writer who lives in Madison, Wisconsin, with two rescued dogs and a cat. She has authored books on animal topics, is a member of the Dog Writers Association of America and serves as editor of Veterinary Partner online.
Ray Sherlock has been breeding birds for 20 years and has bred many species. His favorites are Softbills, but he has also bred Gouldian Finches, Cutthroats, Yellow Bellied Tit's and Bengalese this year. "My main interest is breeding birds, I used to show them too. I also keep tropical and coldwater fish, Rabbits, a Tarantula, cat and a dog."
Ron Meredith
Ron Meredith has received a number of distinctive recognitions, including an Honorary Doctorate of Equestrian Studies Degree from Salem College in 1981. Dr. Meredith has held seven AHSA judges cards and has trained top level horses and riders in the cutting and reining world.
Sandra Ferguson
Sandra Ferguson is an experienced pet sitter and dog walker. "I'm an outdoor person. I like to walk my three pointer dogs (Billie, Sadie and Geoff) through the hills around our farm, ride my neighbor's horses and I also like water sports."
Sarah Giers raises show quality mini rex, Netherland Dwarf, and lionhead rabbits, and shows nationally. "I enjoy every minute of it; even cleaning the cages, though that is never as fun as cuddling with the bunnies. :). I am also active in martial arts."
Sarah Hartwell works for the UK's Cats Protection (CP) and writes articles related to the welfare, care and behavior of cats.?Sarah has an excellent sense of humor, which you will witness in reading any of her more light-hearted short stories. In her spare time, Sarah adopts and cares for aged cats.??
Shannon Hammond is a stay at home mom who has kept and bred reptiles for 9 years. She currently has an assortment of boas, pythons, and lizards. She has worked as a veterinary assistant off & on for 6 years. "My mother bred and showed Persian cats for 15 years, and I learned to respect and love animals from a very early age. I enjoy spending time with my family & pets, reading science fiction and fantasy, and surfing the internet."
Steve Dale
Steve Dale is a contributing editor to USA Weekend, special correspondent at DogWorld magazine and senior correspondent at Pet Life. Every week he will be bringing you a light-hearted article about the joys of owning a dog.?
Susan McCullough is an award-winning pet writer and author of Housetraining for Dummies, Senior Dogs for Dummies and Beagles for Dummies. She was also honored by The Cat Writers Association as a finalist for the Muse Medallion, which recognizes excellence in writing about cats.