RARE 1867 Vintage Hotot Medicine Bottle Embossed Date Paris picture
RARE 1867 Vintage Hotot Medicine Bottle Embossed Date Paris

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Hotot Rabbit
Hotot Rabbit
Hotot Rabbit
Hotot Rabbit Fact File

Group: Commercial

Varieties: Standard. White with colored markings.

Weight: Males: 8 to 10 pounds, Females: 9 to 11 pounds

Physical Attributes: The body is medium in length and appears very strong. The ears are upright and carried in a "V". The breed is entirely white except a thin band of color around each eye.

Personality: Hotots are generally quite calm and enjoy attention.

Coat Type and Grooming: Hotots have a short coat, very dense coat. It has a fine texture and it appears frosty. Weekly to bi-weekly grooming with a slicker brush are fine, except during shedding season when bi-weekly t daily grooming may be required.

Reader's Comments on the Hotot Rabbit
Glenn Reeves
Non Member
Added on Jan 1st, 2008
This is a very nice breed. It was breed to be a show rabbit, nice fur, so as you can see it is a all around good breed of rabbit to get into for 4-Hand they are a very nice for just pet rabbits too. EyeOfTheFancy@aol.com
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