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Havana Rabbit
Havana Rabbit
Havana Rabbit
Havana Rabbit
Havana Rabbit
Havana Rabbit
Havana Rabbit Fact File

Group: Compact

Varieties: Black, Blue, Chocolate

Weight: Males: 4 1/2 to 6 1/2 pounds, Females: 4 1/ to 6 1/2 pounds

Physical Attributes: The body is short and rounded. The ears are carried upright, are fairly short, and are carried close together. The fur is soft and dense, and the color is very dark and intense as compared to most other breeds.

Personality: Havanas are a very personable breed. They are one of the calmest of breeds and generally make excellent pets.

Coat Type and Grooming: Havanas have a short coat that is easy to care for. Weekly grooming with a slicker brush are fine, except during shedding season when bi-weekly grooming may be required.

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Added on Nov 8th, 2009
The Havana is an amazing breed of rabbit. They make great companions and can be surprisingly affectionate. They enjoy being with their human parents and are greats pets to just "hang out" with. Havanas love attention and will be rewarding for an owner who doesn't want a rabbit that will ignore them. They have short coats and require little to no grooming if kept as pets and they only require the occasional bath and brushing if kept for showing. All-in-all, the Havana is an extremely rewarding breed to own and make excellent pets for first-time owners.(LINEBREAK)I raise and show Havanas and they are, in my opinion, the best breed of rabbit there is and have become my absolute favorites. I'm currently raising three Havanas, one black and two chocolates. I have won both BOV and BOB with my black Havana. I would recommend a Havana to anyone who is looking to get a pet rabbit and who is willing to do the research and put in the effort to provide it with a long and happy life.
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