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The Tennessee Walking Horse was created over 100 years ago by early settlers in the Middle Basin of Tennessee, by combining the traits of the Standardbreds, Morgans and Thoroughbreds. The most prominent characteristic of Tennessee Walkers is their "running walk". This gait is inherited and cannot be taught to a horse who does not possess it naturally.

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Tennessee Walking Horse
Tennessee Walking Horse
Tennessee Walking Horse
Tennessee Walking Horse
Tennessee Walking Horse
Tennessee Walking Horse
Tennessee Walking Horse Fact File

Origins: The Tennessee Walking Horse was developed from Thoroughbreds, Morgans, Standardbreds and Saddlebreds owned by settlers in the 18th century. The Tennessee Walking Horse was intended to be a general purpose horse, and its gaits were developed to ensure a comfortable ride. The Tennessee Walking Horse performs the Flatfoot Walk where the hind legs over stride the front legs, the Running Walk which can achieve a speed of 15 mph and the Canter which has a high rolling motion.

Characteristics: Large head with straight profile, a long powerful neck, sloping shoulders, broad chest, short back and strong hindquarters. The hocks are set well away from the body

Height: 15.0 to 16.0 hands

Color: Black, chestnut, bay, roan - white markings are common

Personality: Docile and willing

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Added on April 1st, 2012
Beth, I read your post and after researching the horse's characteristics and personalities, I'm leaning that way. I am a novice horse owner (I had a horse when I was young so I am somewhat familiar) I think this horse would be a good match. I want one that I can care for and we can have mutual trust relationship. I think this might be a good choice. The horse I am looking at is a resue from those people who constantly breed mares and then dispose of the foals so the thoroughbreds can have the milk. I think this is so wrong. Thanks for your input and respond if you like.(LINEBREAK)OhioHaySeed
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