Is a Rabbit the Right Choice for a Pet?

by Sarah Giers
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Many people buy a rabbit on impulse. They see a cute, fluffy baby bunny in a pet store and decide it would make a great pet. It may be, but it might also not be the right pet for you.

Before you decide to get a pet bunny, be aware of the following things:

Rabbits can easily live five or more years. They are not a pet that just lives for a few years, like mice do. They need a good home and plenty of attention for the duration of their life.

Rabbit urine is very high in ammonia, so it WILL smell bad if you do not clean often and have decent ventilation.

Rabbits and other animals rarely get along, mostly because a rabbit is at the bottom of the food chain. A rabbit and a dog or a cat should NEVER be left along together. Even if they seem very friendly together, it only takes a second for a dog to snap a rabbit's neck. Even a little dog can kill a rabbit, no matter what size the rabbit is. Also, never keep a rabbit cage where a dog can get to it. Dogs can and will kill a rabbit right through the wire of the cage.

Rabbits need attention. They do not like to just sit in their cages and do nothing. You would not like that either, so why should a rabbit have to be stuck in a cage all day long? Rabbits should have toys and they need plenty of human contact in order to be happiest.

American Fuzzy Lop Rabbit

Finding a good rabbit veterinarian can be difficult. Many veterinarians know about dogs and cats, but few know about rabbits. Certain drugs that are fine for cats and dogs are deadly to rabbits, including Moxicillin, Lincomycin, Clindamycin. Also, vet care for rabbits is often very expensive since most vets classify rabbits with exotic animals (even though they are one of the most popular pet animals!)

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