Do Dangerous Dog Laws Work?

Colleen Pelar
by Colleen Pelar
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And the third type of owner knows they have a powerful, intense, and easily aroused dog whom they have to train and carefully supervise at all times. Owners like this don't need dangerous dog laws! They are preventing problems through awareness. Dangerous dog laws do not cause people deliberately looking for a protective dog to choose differently. What it comes down to is this, dangerous dog laws are a feel-good attempt to show the community that we are taking action. Unfortunately they do not provide any protective effects, merely punishment after the fact.

There are many things a community can do to prevent dog bites, including educating parents how to supervise and when to intervene in kid-and-dog interactions, teaching owners how to socialize and train their dogs with methods that encourage friendly behavior and providing some basic education about canine body language so the many misunderstandings we have with dogs each day can be reduced.