Guide to Cat Coat Colors and Patterns

by Sarah Hartwell
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Sepia (1)
Apparently self-colored cat bearing gene for Colorpoint e.g. Burmese series; sometimes you can see that the legs, head and tail are darker than the body.

Sepia (2)
The 'old ivory' color of Singapura cat

Intermediate between sepia and pointed; the points (face, legs, tail) are a darker version of main body color.

The Siamese pattern (also called Himalayan pattern) with a pale body and darker legs, tail and ears.

Bi-Color (Magpie)
Any color & white; for show cats the color should be evenly distributed.

Calico/Tortoiseshell (tortie) & White Color Range

Usually defined as calico, with color patches on up to one-third of the body

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