Action Plan For Dogs Poisoned By Toads

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QuestionIs poison from toads harmful to my Poodle? (linda roman - Georgia)


Toads are dangerous to dogs and are a common cause of poisoning in dogs. The milky white toxin that toads secret when stressed is toxic in varying degrees and in some cases they can spray this up to several meters. Shortly after coming into contact with a toad, your dog's mouth will salivate profusely because of the irritant nature of the toxin. In cases where the toxin affects your dog, your dog will experience mouth pain that will lead to noticeable behavior, such as pawing at the mouth. If at this point you are unsure if a toad is the cause of your dog's distress, check for redness or inflammation of the gums.

In cases where you suspect toad poisoning, it is absolutely vital that you take immediate action to save your dog's life. Toad poisoning can result in cardiac failure, seizures and convulsions. Immediately flush your dog's mouth with a garden hose (facing out of the mouth) and optionally rub the gums and tongue with toothpaste. You will also need to take your dog to your vet immediately - call ahead if your vet is unlikely to be open to avoid wasted time. You will also need to be aware that in extreme cases your dog will have violent seizures and will probably not recognize you. For this reason your dog may need to be restrained to avoid further injury to your dog or yourself.

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