Can Dogs Have An Abortion?

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QuestionMy chocolate lab accidentally bred with my brothers akita (very irresponsible on my part). How soon could an x-ray determine if she is pregnant? Does this in any way taint any future litters she may have because she gave birth to cross-breeds? Could the pregnancy be safely aborted? (Scott Kitchner - New York)


If it is less than 72 hours since they mated it is possible to get the canine equivalent of the morning after pill. If it is later than this then the earliest time at which pregnancy can be determined is about 22-28 days. At this time pregnancy can be detected by ultrasound, a blood test for relaxin (a hormone only produced in pregnant dogs) or palpation of the dog by the vet. X-rays can not be carried out until about 45 days of pregnancy and is normally only carried out to determine the litter size. If an abortion is required then it may be worth considering having your borther's Akita spayed at the same time unless he is considering breeding from her. Either way, this in no way "taints" any future offspring she might have which are purebred Labrador.

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Junior Member
Added on Nov 26th, 2012
I really wish there was an easier way to abort puppies. My best hunting dog came into heat and was bred by the neighbors mutt. We have a very nice kennel set up but unfortunately some dogs are very talented climbers. Now not only do I have a dog that cannot be used during this hunting season I will also have a littler of useless pups. This is very frustrating.
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Junior Member
Added on Nov 22nd, 2009
Animalsvoice, are you going to volunteer to take care of these unwanted puppies? My dog had to wait till first heat to be spayed to avoid incontinence. She is a mastiff. But some pervert jumped my fence, and the deed was done. We only have a three dog minimum where i live and giving the puppies away is also just as irresponsible as not keeping a good eye out on your dog while she is in heat. You just make matters worse and possibly incur more unwanted puppies from those babies. Get it? Vicious cycle. So please save the sermon and realize people are not doing this as birth control, but animal control. They may have a good reason for not having their pet spayed as soon as they should, and accidents happen.
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Junior Member
Added on Nov 3rd, 2009
Please let these puppies live. If later litters will not be "tainted" then why kill these puppies? I view puppy abortion as bad as or worse than human abortion. These puppies could bring joy to peoples lives and possibly to yours. Please make the right decision. Thank you.