Dogs Diarrhea Won't Go Away

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QuestionMy dog has had diarrhea for about 3 days, with no other symptoms of illness. She's had no diet change, has plenty of water, and I can see no reason for the diarrhea. Should I be concerned? (Angel - United Kingdom)


You should always be concerned when diarrhea lasts for so long. You did not mention if your dog is still eating and drinking plenty, but diarrhea can quickly lead to dangerous dehydration which may cause further complications. There are over the counter remedies for diarrhea but you should take your dog to a vet for examination.

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Added on Dec 15th, 2008
My puppy, Hobbit, also has got the same problem. He's had diarrhea for about three days. The vet told me to give him some honey and yogurt on bread. He says that it would calm the stomach if your dogs got stomach ache. It worked but Hobbit still has diarrhea.