Teaching A Mynah Bird To Talk

James Glover
by James Glover
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QuestionI want to teach my mynah bird to talk. Any suggestions or tips? (Katherine Inzhagi - Minnesota)


Mynah birds are natural mimics and have no equal in the bird kingdom when it comes to talking - that is if they are taught young. By all accounts, they stop learning anything new after 2 years. The best time to teach your mynah to talk is between the ages of 3 and 9 months, when they are at their most impressionable.

It may take only a few weeks, but may take several months of perseverance. Learning is a gradual process - so start with a short word or phrase which you can repeat every time you see the bird. When it has grasped this word, start with something else. In some cases mynah birds can have a vocabulary of over 100 words.

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