Wardley Tropical Fish Flake Food (In Bulk) For Sale -

Wardley Tropical Fish Flake Food  (In Bulk)

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Wardley Tropical Fish Flake Food (In Bulk):

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Wardley's Tropical FishFlakes

In Bulk packaging by Aquatic Foods

  • We buyWardley's®in BULK and Repackage in smaller quantities for YOUR savings.
  • All flakes are packed inaZip Lock Bag for easy use andboxedfor safe shipping.
  • Keep in mind Flakes are fragile, theremay always be smaller flakesand some powdered within your order.

We are Aquatic Foods & Blackworm Co.

A 3rd generation Aquarium Hobbyist,

Tropical Fish Store, Online Sales

Family Owned Business.

By selling and shipping to fellow Fish Keepers

  • Guaranteed AnalysisCrude Protein37.0% minCrude Fat8.5% minCrude Fiber2.5% maxMoisture10.0% maxPhosphorus1.0% minAscorbic Acid300 mg/kg

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