Technics SL 1600 MK2 MKII Turntable 1200 FullyAutomatic For Sale - New and Used

Technics SL 1600 MK2 MKII Turntable 1200 FullyAutomatic

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Technics SL 1600 MK2 MKII Turntable 1200 FullyAutomatic:

This classic Turntable is in excellent condition.

All the lights including the stylus lamp work as you can see in the photos.

The speed holds correct and the the auto return, repeat and lifter are all perfect.

You will love the fact all controls are outside the dust cover. No need to lift to cover to operate.

The auto cueing to start an LP needs to be adjusted as it misses by about 1/4' but I have not gotten to that one yet.

I do not have any 45's to test so am not sure about the cueing but the speed on the strobe stayscorrect at both 45 and 33.

I have upgraded the phono cable to a Ultimate cables dot com silver wire phono cable (bought here on for $65.00), and at some point the power supply cable was cut so has been soldered and fixed.

As you can see the dust cover is clear and has no cracks, and the hinges work perfectly.

This is a very heavy table with independent suspension, and will not disappoint.

If you are looking at this you know that the 1600 MKII is the fully automatic version of the DJ table 1200 mkII.

In 1980 this table sold for 400.00. With inflation that is equal to a $1126.00 table today. You sure feel the quality.

There is the original Technics headshell with a Realistic brand cartridge and new stylus,as well asthe original mat with the slots for the record size sensors.

I will box this very carefully, remove the platter and strap the tonearm to assure safe travels.

Please contact me for shipping rates as there are some strange prices that the shipping calculator comes up with.

From Vinyl Engine dot com:

The SL-1600 mk2 reflects many of the developments which have made Technics a leader in the turntable industry, while adding some new features of it's own.

To begin with, it combines quartz phase locked speed accuracy with high torque and near instantaneous start-up. Quick stops are also provided by an electronic braking system.

Pitch is adjustable within a range of +-6%, totally under quartz control.

With the exception of the pitch control, all front panel controls are soft-touch switches.


Type: full auto turntable

Drive method: direct drive

Control method: servo control (mk1), quartz synthesizer (mk2)

Motor: DC motor

Platter: 330mm (mk1), 332mm 2kg (mk2) aluminium alloy die-cast

Speeds: 33 and 45rpm

Pitch control: 10% (mk1), 12% (mk2)

Wow and flutter: 0.025% WRMS

Rumble: -73dB (mk1), -78dB (mk2)

Tonearm: universal static balance type

Effective length: 230mm

Overhang: 15mm

Effective mass: 12g (mk2)

Dimensions: 125 x 453 x 369mm (mk1), 149 x 453 x 399mm (mk2)

Weight: 8.5kg (mk1), 10kg (mk2)

On Mar-03-11 at 21:01:53 PST, seller added the following information:

Hello please note the following additional information:The tonearm has all the features - height is easily adjusted, as well as antiskate and stylus will include a photocopy of an original Owner's Manual as well as photocopy of original Service Manual.I have adjusted the cueing issue and it works perfectly now.Please note that I made a spelling error in answering the second question about original ownership. I am not the original owner of this turntable. Feel free to retract your offer if this changes your mind about offerding.

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