Repair Kit for Intermatic Motors - WG-1420, WG-1450.... For Sale - New and Used

Repair Kit for Intermatic Motors - WG-1420, WG-1450....

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Repair Kit for Intermatic Motors - WG-1420, WG-1450....:

Up for sale is a Repair Kit for many common Intermatic motors found in Arrow Handicraft Electric Ball Clocks, Domino Clocks, Kit Kat clocks and Oly Barrel, Olympia Beer Signs. A customer also reports these gears worked in an old Sankyo "mechanical Digital" clock which has an intermatic motor. The problem with most of these older motors is the gears dry out and crumble and stop spinning. The following are motors which I have confirmed these will fit: WG-1420, WG-1420-1, WG-1420-2, WG-1420-3, WG-1450, WG -5094, WG-500, WG6BNA 6X06, CW-190.I have been told that these parts will also work in the President CB Radio Clock ( I've never seen one of these). These gears will NOT work in the newer battery operated Time Machine. Installing these does require some degree of handiness but if you go to my website at and look at the motor repair information section. You will find detailed instructions on how to bring your motor back to life. Optionally I can do the work for you. Feel free to ask questions even if you aren't buying these parts and I will try to help, thanks.!*The Repair Kit includes the gears shown in the sale photo. You are not buying a motor. ******

Yes, I will ship internationally. Shipping cost is the same as U.S.A.Note: If you are buying these gears for CW-190, please let me know as I have a slightly different variation that works well in that particular motor, thanks!

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