Red Belly Piranha Fry Live Freshwater Aquarium Fish For Sale -

Red Belly Piranha Fry Live Freshwater Aquarium Fish

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Red Belly Piranha Fry Live Freshwater Aquarium Fish:

Red Belly Piranha fry approximately .75 to 1 inches No Shipping MEXICO

Size is not guaranteed, we try to size the fish as accurately as possible but size can vary so much depending on how long we have had the fish. Please ask if you need to know the current size. Most of the fish we sell are young juvenile fish, they may not look like the photos when they first arrive and will need time to grow out before they are fully colored like the adult fish in the photos. Keep in mind fish under 2 inches are VERY SMALL larger fish will eat them.

Research any live animal before buying! Not all fish / animals will get along, pick the fish you like most and build your aquarium / tank mates around that fish.

Shipping Info
$15 Shipping transit times are 1-3 days depending on location, average time in transit is 2 days and will arrive with your regular mail. Most fish ship fine this way, its a great way to get the fish you want without paying those high next day air prices. Not recommended if your day time temps are above 90 degrees or below 32 degrees.

$70 UPS Next Day Air transit time is 1 day, most shipments will arrive before noon the day after they are shipped. This should be used for discus, larger fish, stingray, rare plecos, and expensive fish. Any fish that requires overnight shipping will have that info at the top of their product description page. USPS boxes will be unmarked, marking boxes live fish or fragile can cause long delay's and increased the chance DOA's. We will mark boxes upon request but our guarantee is void if the package is late.

Our regular shipping days are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. We also occasionally ship on Thursday and Saturday at our own discretion. Please keep in mind if you order on Tuesday or Wednesday your order may not go out until the following week. Transit times are 1-3 days depending on location and shipping method used. You will get a tracking number as soon as the order is shipped, please check the tracking number often so you know when your shipment will arrive, do not go by 's estimated arrival time it will not be accurate. Type your tracking number directly into the USPS or UPS website for the most accurate arrival time. Most orders ship within 4 business days depending on the fish and how busy we are. Large fish will need to be fasted for several days before they are shipped. Orders will be delayed around postal holidays or bad weather.

We make buying from us as risk free as possible, we offer 100% guaranteed live healthy arrival in the rare event of DOA you must contact us within 2 hours of delivery to notify us of the problem, please take 2 clear photos of any DOAs before opening the bag. The guarantee is void after 2 hours or after the bag has been opened. WE DO NOT ISSUE ANY REFUNDS WITHOUT PHOTOS. Refunds will be per DOA, any replacements will be sent at no cost to you, if the entire order is a loss shipping will also be refunded. Please bring live animals and plants inside promptly after delivery, the insulated box can only protect them for 1-2 hours max in direct sun, hot mail boxes, and freezing temperatures. If you wont be home for delivery please have the package held until it can be picked up.

Combined Shipping
I combine shipping, pay shipping on one item and the rest can be combined for FREE! add all of the items you want to the shopping cart then check out or request invoice. Do not pay for items separately,  shipping will not combined.

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