RARE Hasbro MY REAL BABY DOLL 2000 Interactive 20" For Sale - New and Used

RARE Hasbro MY REAL BABY DOLL 2000 Interactive 20

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RARE Hasbro MY REAL BABY DOLL 2000 Interactive 20":

Hasbro MY REAL BABY doll made in 2000


There were only 100,000 of these dolls made and sadly, due to poor marketing, they were discontinued

This is NOT Baby Alive - this is the much more advanced doll that came before her

These dolls are very highly sought after and so difficult to find

This sweet baby doll has sandy blonde hair and blue eyes. She measures over 20" tall from head to toe

This baby has been played with and is very talkative and interactive

She is very sweet. She has her original outfit.

I do not have her original accessories

She works great and overall is in great condition

Her outfit has some fuzzies/pilling and has a small spot or two

Her Body has a few spots of what looks like bleach overspray

She is wearing her lavendar diaper

Her hair elastic is original

She is in great shape overall

Her eyes open, she smiles, coos, babbles. Her facial expressions change. She giggles and laughs when you tickle her or bounce her on your knee. She speaks simple words, such as "Mama" and "baba" but then after time when played with, just like a real baby, she will begin to combine words into simple phrases and sentences. She cries. She gets the hiccups. She burps. If not burped properly, she will get the hiccups. She is like taking care of a real baby in so many ways. When you lay her down to go to sleep, she goes through the motions of falling asleep. She will sigh. Her eyes will blink as if she is initially fighting sleep and then will drift asleep and snore. She will automatically turn off after 5 minutes to preserve the batteries (she takes 6 AA batteries - not included so that she is not active in her shipping box - don't want the post office to think I am shipping a real human baby :).

In addition to responding to a child's actions, MY REAL BABY will seem to become more independent by initiating her own preferences, actions and behaviors. This element of unpredictability promises a dynamic, interactive play experience full of surprises. By interacting with MY REAL BABY, girls can emulate their mothers through role-playing, which in turn develops confidence and independence.

MY REAL BABY is the first product from Hasbro's exclusive alliance with iRobot.

The two companies began working together in late 1998 to develop highly intelligent, interactive toys.

When first introduced, MY REAL BABY included a birth certificate, rattle, pacifier, bottle and "baby care" manual.

I only have the doll, outfit, headband and diaper

MY REAL BABY was in stores in fall 2000 and retailed for approximately $95.99.

They were discontinued shortly after and are no longer in production.


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