Parakeet Size Therapeutic Preening Perch-small bird toy For Sale - New and Used

Parakeet Size Therapeutic Preening Perch-small bird toy

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Parakeet Size Therapeutic Preening Perch-small bird toy:

R.I.P Patti

December 8, 2013

You will live in my heart forever

Parakeet/Budgie Size Therapeutic Preening Perch

This perch is too small for birds larger than a parakeet/budgie!

The little ham in the picture is my sweet parakeet Patti

These perches are designed and handmade by me.

In nature, birds perch on branches of various diameters. It’s beneficial to have varied diameter perches for your little feathered friend at home.

Here is a perch that has varied diametersin one perch to help exercise your little friend's toesplus a preening toy for them to play with.

Toy Safety Note:

No toy or perch is totally indestructible! Please periodically inspect perches and toys for the continued fun and safety of your little bird friend.

Repair or remove any parts that have been damaged. Retie, replace or remove any rope that has become untied. Make sure to keep all rope tassels trimmed short.

My Patti is tough on toys, and I am constantly repairing or replacing her toys and perches but I am happy to see her so busy playing and having fun, after all, isn’t that what it’s all about for our little captive bird friends?


  • Overall length is 6 inches
  • Solid hardwood perch
  • Sisal rope preening toy Natural (not dyed). Birds love to preen and pick at things so your little friend can have fun un-twisting the sisal rope and preening it into a bush,the more they preen the softer the sisal gets.
  • Rounded end for your birds comfort
  • Stainless steel, Nickel plated steel,and nylon mounting hardware included

Abeeka Toy

Copyright 1996 -2011

These perches are designed and handmade by me!

Designs tested and approved by Patti!

Thank You for Looking!

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