ONKYO INTEGRA T-4150 AM/FM Tuner with manual For Sale - New and Used

ONKYO INTEGRA T-4150 AM/FM Tuner with manual

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ONKYO INTEGRA T-4150 AM/FM Tuner with manual:

This is for my Onkyo INTEGRA T-4159 AM/FM Tuner. Its in real real nice shape and plays just wonderfully. this has seen daily use and has never given me a problem. It sounds great and locks into even distant stations with no fading. In general its a great piece of equipment so PLEASE look at the pics as they can show you how nice it really is as it has only minimal wear from use over the last 10 years or so. Original Manual is included also. If I didnt have a Sansui coming back from restoration I wouldnt part with this but its gonna end up collecting dust so maybe someone will appreciate it as much as I have. I would think that someone who is looking for a real nice tuner thats pretty strong might consider this one. Thanks for looking. Payment is due within 7 days USP shipping and Ill pack this to survive anything UPS could throw at it, it will get there safely Good Luck offerding.
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