Mirage MP2 Legal Limit 2 Meter & 6 Meter PEP SWR/Wattmeter 50-200 mHz 50-1.5kw For Sale - New and Used

Mirage MP2 Legal Limit 2 Meter & 6 Meter PEP SWR/Wattmeter 50-200 mHz 50-1.5kw

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Mirage MP2 Legal Limit 2 Meter & 6 Meter PEP SWR/Wattmeter 50-200 mHz 50-1.5kw:

TYPE: Legal Limit 2 Meter & 6 Meter PEP SWR/Wattmeter
FREQS & POWER: 50-200 mHz in 3 ranges: 50, 500 and 1,500 Watts (so it can be used on 2 meters & 6 meters and possibly 220 mHz....but NOT tested on 220)
FEATURES:include but are not limited to the following: good from 50-200 mHz, HIGH QUALITY/ACCURATE meter, good for a wide power range, measures Forward Power or SWR, 50,500 and 1,500 Watt ranges, reads PEP or Average Power, requires 13.8 VDC or 9 VDC battery for PEP readings (power supply for 13.8 VDC and 9 VDC Battery NOT
included), has a remote sensor which is removeable from the case + MORE
INCLUDES: (1)Mirage MP2 PEP SWR/Wattmeter (2) 0riginal MANUAL
COSMETICS B- OK overall (1) the front panel looks OK with all writing in place and easy to read meter, but there is a labeling-tape residue blemish below the meter(2) the case looks VERY GOOD (3) the battery connector looks GOOD (4) the connectors look GOOD (5) the remote sensor looks GOOD
MALFUNCTIONS: NONE; Tested at 50 and 100 watts on 2 & 6 meters.(1) It IS as accurate as my Bird 43 PEAK meter at these power levels including PEP readings!
COMMENTS: VERY ACCURATE low power to legal limit 2 & 6 meter PEP SWR/Wattmeter! I have made an honest effort to describe this item exactly as it was when listed. I am selling this item with my promise that it will "arrive-alive". This means that the essential and basic functions will work within the conditions stated in this description. I do not make adjustments to the price after you receive the item. Returns are only accepted after you have notified me that the item is substantially different that was described in the sale description and I have agreed to the return. For instance, a description that states model 600 when it is actually a model 3000 etc. If you have any questions about specific details, please email me before you offer.My shipping fees include full insurance for the final sale price. Shipping fees for this sale are only for the lower 48 states of the US or CONUS. They do not apply to AK or HI. All of my largest items packing and shipping is done by a professional service accustomed to dealing with the often fragile and/or heavy items I sell. Only first quality boxes, packing materials and care are used. Damage is extremely rare. Any damage due to faulty or inadequate packaging is covered by my packer's insurance. offer knowing your purchase will arrive in the condition it was when photographed. This service is not without cost but is far superior to receiving that prized item damaged! Please examine my packing/shipping/insurance fees before you offer. After the sale, when I receive your payment, your item will positively be at my packer/shipper within 48 hours and most likely within 24 business hrs. (excluding holidays, Sundays etc.) There, they will carefully package it, ship it, and send you an email with tracking info. This email will appear as Wrap & Ship on the email header. Of course, this assumes your email address is current/correct on your pay pal and accounts.Thanks for your time and best of luck with your offers! Neil WK9Q

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