Live Photosynthetic Sponge Reef Coral Frag Algae For Sale -

Live Photosynthetic Sponge Reef Coral Frag Algae

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Live Photosynthetic Sponge Reef Coral Frag Algae:

Hello, I have cuttings from a photosynthetic sponge for sale. Scientific name is Collospongia auris.

Care is as follows:

While this is a sponge, it is photosynthetic, so there is no need to filter feed at all.

It likes high lights and high-medium flow. This sponge grows just like a Montipora Capricornis coral so flow will be largely dependent on the way it looks. I have seen it thrive in less than stellar conditions but the color and growth are much better under medium-high lights.

The sponge, when introduced to a new tank, will have a break-in period it seems. It may not do much in the first month or so. After that, it seems to grow at a relative pace, it just needs to get adjusted to it's new environment. It usually partially encrusts an area then plates out, this means you shouldn't have it close to corals that can easily be covered up, this sponge will also not react to stinging.

I have taken this sponge out of the water for a few seconds at a time and it did not deteriorate in the slightest, I wouldn't push the limits but this sponge isn't incredibly delicate like most.

Any questions, please ask!

I will provide 2 inch free-floating cuttings. Secure to a plug or piece of rubble with glue, epoxy, or a rubber band. It can also be wedged securely in rock and will attach like that also. Time to attach to whatever medium you have varies but expect things to happen within two weeks.

It will be sent using 2-Day Priority Mail w/ USPS. This sponge is hardy and ships safely using two day and is tolerant of temp changes except for extremes. 

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