Live Organic Copepods 5 Species (32-Ounce Bottle) - - 100% Organic For Sale -

Live Organic Copepods 5 Species (32-Ounce Bottle) -  - 100% Organic

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Live Organic Copepods 5 Species (32-Ounce Bottle) - - 100% Organic:

Looking to provide your marine aquarium with a diverse and nutritious food source? Our 32 oz Copepod Bottles are the perfect choice! Each bottle contains a mix of Tisbe, Trigio, and Apo copepods, enriched with live phytoplankton for an all-in-one solution to support your aquatic ecosystem.
Product Highlights:
Copepod Variety: This bottle includes a blend of Tisbe, Trigio, and Apo copepods, offering a diverse range of copepod species to benefit your marine tank's inhabitants.
Phytoplankton Enriched: Our copepods come with live phytoplankton included in the bottle. Phytoplankton serves as an essential source of nutrition for copepods, ensuring they are packed with nutrients when fed to your aquarium's residents.
32 oz Bottle: You'll receive a generous 32 oz (946ml) bottle of copepods, providing a substantial and convenient supply for your marine ecosystem.
Live and Active: We take pride in delivering live and active copepods, carefully harvested and packaged to maintain their freshness and vitality.
Sustainable and Chemical-Free: Our copepods are responsibly sourced and free from harmful chemicals and contaminants, promoting the health and well-being of your aquatic life.
Feeding Recommendations:
Copepods are an excellent natural food source for various marine creatures, including corals, fish, and invertebrates. Feed them regularly to enhance the health and vibrancy of your reef tank.
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