live coral Two Color Galaxea Neon Green And Purple Tentacle "coralSLover" For Sale -

live coral Two Color Galaxea Neon Green And Purple Tentacle

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live coral Two Color Galaxea Neon Green And Purple Tentacle "coralSLover":

$17.50 One Day Shipping Only for Local StatesNJ, CT, MD, DE, RI, MA, NH, VT,partial of NY, PA, MEonly availableat our websitecoralSLover.comGalaxea or Galaxy Corals are a hardy stony coral that grows additional heads quickly. This variety is a short tentacle variety with extremely fluorescent coloration. Please be aware that Galaxea have long sweeper tentacles and need plenty of space to themselves. Frags of this coral will be 1/2"-1".Galaxea is an aggressive stoney coral with short tentacles tipped in white.Galaxea does not require as much light as some other corals. It can be kept under normal output fluorescents without much difficulty. In our experience this coral does poorly in medium to high light reef aquariums.Moderate flow is recommended.Galaxea relies heavily on the products of their zooxanthellae. This coral may benefit from finely ground meaty foods. The food should almost have a paste-like consistency before being administered due to the small size of the polyps.Keep in mind this coral has long tenticles (sweepers) at night, or feeding time and potentially couldbothers and kills coral next to it. Best placement 6+ inches away from other coral, or on island. Grow pattern as GSP.
Disclaimer:Corals on the pictures are not WYSEWYG,photos was made underdifferent lighting (blue or white lights) and in different tank (our show of frag tanks). You will get coralsize asdescribed, shape and color could beslightly off due to shipping stress.
Shipping Policy anddescription:All coralsship viaFedEx/UPS 2 days flat rate $17.95, orUPS overnight (1business day) flat rate $39.FREE shipping on orders over $250.All items send at the same day of purchase Monday-Wednesdayuntil16:00, or Thursday for overnight shipping delivery Friday (no weekends deliverydue toavoidany delay).Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico buyers will only get FedEx/USPS 2 days shipping with flat rate $17.95 with additional $40 fee (total shipping cost $60). Orders $300 and over will get FREE FedEx/USPS 2 days shipping.We combine shipping when buying multiple corals with one shipping order.There are two wayswhat you can do:First,add corals to your shopping cart and go to checkout, will combine all items together and calculate one shipping cost for you. If that doesn't work for some reason thesecond option isbuy one coral with shipping ofchoiceand additions corals checkout with local pickup(please leave a note that you want to combine all your orders into one shippingpackage, don't have to pay multiple times for shipping).Keep in mind you canonlybuy corals with offers, or discounts, not both won't let you use all at the same time.Please let us know if you have any questions before making your purchase, and check my store on for moresales and discounts. Please signup for mynewsletter to receive notifications when I have new release, or more discounts.

No shipping outside of the US.


All corals will be send in specimencontainers 80-120ml of waterdepends on coral size,or if coral is big colony than double sealed plastic bags with plastic protection (coral won'tpuncture the bags). The shipping box will have insulated walks and packed with paper/plastic to protect each coral from damage.Depends on weather there will be ice pack, or heat pack. Let us know if you live in sever weather condition, so we will add extra heat/ice pack.Proper Coral Acclimation Guide

The proper acclimation of a new arrival is extremely important considering the amount of stress the coral has endured before arriving at your door. We recommend that the following procedure be followed immediately upon receipt of the livestock. The entire process is actually very simple and should take less than half an hour to complete.

Step 1: Turn the Aquarium Lights OFFThe livestock has been in complete darkness for the last day, and will not immediately adjust to high output aquarium lighting. By turning off the lights, you remove a possible source of stress for the new arrival. Overexposure to light in general can be an issue with new additions to your reef tank. It only takes a day or two under high light conditions to severely damage a coral that was grown under more modest illumination.Step 2: Empty the containers into a slightly larger tubTypically we use a small plastic tub to acclimate the new corals. If you like, you can empty the containers with the coral into separate tubs, however when we receive new corals, we tend to place them in the same tub. The purpose of this is to provide enough volume to add in water from the aquarium as well as prepare a pest control dip solution.
Step 3: Add 1/2 cup of Aquarium Waterevery few minutesThe slower you add the water the better. Corals and other invertebrates are sensitive to fluctuations in pH and especially salinity. Some aquarists prefer drip acclimating corals making this process even more gradual, but one should consider the temperature drop-off that occurs during this time as well. The entire acclimation process should not take more than 30 minutes.
Step 4 (optional): Pest Control DipHere at coralSLover we advocate using pest control dips to reduce the risk of hitchhikers and parasites making it into your aquariums. We dip our corals often, even when moving corals between systems, but there is no guarantee that the threat is eliminated. The two types of dip used most often isCoral Rx for pests such as flatworms and nudibranchs andLugol’s Iodinefor bacterial infections.
Step 5: Release the specimen into the tankFind a suitable location where the new coral will receive the appropriate flow and lower light. It will need a few days to adjust to the new lighting.If you have access to a quarantine system, we recommend using the above method to first acclimate the new arrival. After the quarantine period is over, repeat the procedure to introduce the specimen into the display tank.

Coral may appear incredibly stressed when they arrive at your door. Shipping coral is one of the most stressful things we do, and that says a lot considering that many of them were propagated with a band saw! They literally just had the worst day of their lives in the shipping process so it may take a couple days before they regain any semblance of their prior appearance.Stress however is not the same as a DOA. If you receive a coral that you think died during shipping, please let us know. You can find more information on our DOA policy.


Corals that was damaged due to removed from the plug by the buyer are notacceptable. Coral has to be on original frag plug for 14 days.

All Sales are Final. When you buy corals from us you automaticallyagree on our policy.

Return and refund:DOA Policy (dead on arrival)If a coral is DOA please takeclearpictures of coral in arrived container and then after you properly acclimate coral(check how to acclimate coral guide)make more pictures in the tank under normal water conditions and lighting,after delivery and contact us. Some corals need more time to acclimate and may not look like onpicture right away.A refund of the coral will be as store credit via a coupon code, or can be replaced with your next order. We will send new coral, but shipping on you. If first shipping option didn'tworkwell due to delay than we recommend totry other shipping options(check our shipping options).We are not accepting pictures of corals without water.

We are not liable for shipping delays due to inclement weather, and or any other shipping liability.We are not liable for delays caused by shipping companies.We are not liable for any damages that might occur whilst your items are in transit en route for delivery.​

We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you in any way we can! Your satisfaction is our top priority and we will do everything possible to accommodate your needs. HAPPY REEFING!!

Thank you
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