GWC Blue Magic Zoa Zoanthids Zoa SPS LPS Soft Corals, WYSIWYG For Sale -

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GWC Blue Magic Zoa Zoanthids Zoa SPS LPS Soft Corals, WYSIWYG:

This sale is for GWC Blue Magic Zoa pictured above. Mother colony in second pic if any. Free shipping on orders over $349. Total must be from one week, not combined over two weeks. Please check out using the cart and you will see the discount. Please no local pick up. All pictures are taken under 100% Actinic LEDs. No edits have been made to the pics except white balance adjustment. Water Parameters: Specific Gravity -- 1.025 - 1.026 Temperature -- 78-79 Alkalinity -- 8-10 Ammonia -- 0 Nitrite -- 0 Nitrate -- 5-10 Calcium -- 400-420 Magnesium -- 1350-1500 pH -- 8.1 Phosphate -- 0.05 or lower You pay no shipping for any additional frags you buy. I will send you an invoice or you can use the cart to check out for single shipping charge. We ship Monday through Wednesday only, no Thursday or Friday shipping please. Your order will be shipped out withing two days of cleared payment, unless you ask us to hold it for an specific day. Please put a note on the order for desired shipment day. DOA Warranty -- In an event of DOA, it is buyer's responsibility to send me a clear digital picture of dead coral within 2 hours of delivery. All approved DOA will receive store credit towards future purchase. DOA warranty is voided if you do not accept and sign your package on first delivery attempt. Acclimation: It is buyers responsibility to know how to properly acclimate corals to their tank. You can search Google for "Proper Coral Acclimation Guide" for help. Carrier Delays: WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY SHIPPING OR WEATHER DELAYS THAT ARE NOT UNDER OUR CONTROL Payment: All Payments are due within 3 days of sales end. Delayed Shipment: I will be more then happy to hold your corals for ONE WEEK in case you are interested in adding more from next week's sale. If you like me to hold your corals, please put a note on the order. Also, please make sure to pay for the corals within three days time to avoid cancellation. All orders not paid by next Sunday will be automatically cancelled. Packaging: We use Insulated Box Liners to keep the corals within accepted temperature with heat or cold packs as applicable. Corals will be double bagged. To cut down on time, we do not label each bag. Almost all sales are WYSIWYG so you will be able to identify the corals very easily. Please no local pick up until further notice. If you are local, please contact me for discounted shipping rates.
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