Golf Club Brush Deep Groove Cleaner Easily Attaches To Bag With Retract... New For Sale - New and Used

Golf Club Brush  Deep Groove Cleaner  Easily Attaches To Bag With Retract... New

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Golf Club Brush Deep Groove Cleaner Easily Attaches To Bag With Retract... New:

Golf Club Brush – Deep Groove Cleaner – Easily Attaches To Bag With Retractable Zip Line Cord – Helps You Improve Your Game – Easy to Use – Sturdy, Durable and Made to Last Description

The Hidden Dirt That Could Be Ruining Your Golf Game Every golfer wants to improve their game, lower their score, and beat their friends more often. When you’re trying to get better, you might work on your swing, your posture, or just practice more. But the secret to improving your game significantly could be hidden on the head of your golf clubs. Every golf club, whether it’s an iron or a wood, has little grooves on the head. These grooves are incredibly important for adding spin and gaining greater control over the ball’s direction, but they quickly get clogged with dirt and wear away over time. This brush doesn’t just clean the dirt out, it can even deepen worn out grooves, breathing new life into your old clubs. Rejuvenating Your Golf Clubs Is Easy This brush has two heads. One is made of a sturdy metal wire. The other is made from tough nylon. The metal side is perfect for getting every speck of dirt off your irons. The nylon side is soft enough not to damage your woods, but strong enough to get the dirt off. There’s also a metal spike that you can use to remove tough dirt or deepen the groove of a worn out club. 100% Money Back Guarantee Every part of this brush is made with care, from the easy grip handle, to the high quality retractable zip line cord mechanism, to the actual brush heads themselves. We want you to try it out risk free, on your own golf clubs. If you aren’t completely satisfied with this brush in every respect, then simply send it back to us and we’ll be happy to issue a full refund with no delays and no questions asked. Make Your Clubs Play Like New, Every Single Round – Pick Up This Golf Club Brush Today

  • PLAY BETTER GOLF: Those little grooves on the head of your golf club are absolutely vital to your game. When they are worn or clogged with dirt, youve got much less control over the ball. This brush cleans and deepens your grooves, so that you can improve your game and beat your friends.
  • INCREDIBLY EASY TO USE: This brush has two sides. The metal side is tough enough to clean up your irons. The nylon side will clean your woods without damaging them, and can also clean your shoe spikes/cleats. The metal spike can dig out tough dirt, and also deepen worn out grooves.
  • WITH RETRACTABLE ZIP LINE CORD: The retractable cord makes this brush impossible to lose. It clips right onto your golf bag. Pull the brush when you need to use it and the strong cord unravels. Let it go, and the cord automatically springs back, putting your brush neatly back in the bag.
  • STURDY, DURABLE AND LASTS PRACTICALLY FOREVER: We want this to be the last golf club brush that you ever need, so weve carefully manufactured it to last. Every element of the mechanism, from the brush to the coil spring, has been carefully selected and tested to ensure durability.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Try this golf cleaning brush absolutely risk free. Test it out over a round of golf. If you arent completely satisfied with it in every respect, then simply return it to us for a full refund. No hassle, no delays, and absolutely no questions asked.
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