Brand New - Authentic K9 Flea Killer Nitenpyram For Dogs 26-80lb 47mg For Sale - New and Used

Brand New - Authentic K9 Flea Killer Nitenpyram For Dogs 26-80lb 47mg

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Brand New - Authentic K9 Flea Killer Nitenpyram For Dogs 26-80lb 47mg:

BEWARE OF KNOCKOFF SELLERSselling imitation products of questionable effectiveness and safety.K9 Flea Control®,K9 Flea Killer®, andK9 Tapeworm Killer®are only sold by Authorized Distributors and are shipped directly fromK9 Pet Products®. If you do not see theK9 Pet Products® Authorized Distributor logo at the bottom of the page you are not purchasing from an authorized distributor.

K9Flea Killer®

(Nitenpyram 47mg)

This listing is fordogs 26-80lbs


Only $2 per capsule/treatment!

Choose size bottle you want. Buy a bottle of one or a bottle of a hundred!

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K9FLEA KILLER® is a fast acting product given orally to your pet to kill existing fleas.It’s amazingly fast!Within 30 minutesyou can see the fleas starting to fall off your pet… DEAD! Within 4 hours all existing fleas on your pet are gone! The active ingredient inK9FLEA KILLER® called Nitenpyramis very safe and effective. It can be used on dogs and cats as young as 6 weeks old, provided they weigh at least 2 pounds. Each time you give your pet a capsule ofK9FLEA KILLER®you’ll be amazed at how it works! It’s so safe it can even be given to your pet Daily if needed!

Why pay retail at a local store when you can get it from us for less?

K9FLEA KILLER® capsules contain 100% Nitenpyram and no fillers! Keeping your pet free of fleas just got a whole lot easier. No more messy liquids to put on your dog or cat. Never worry about your pet ruining your furniture again. Just a dose ofK9FLEA KILLER® taken orally if your dog or cat comes home with fleas and you’re done! It’s a very good product to have on hand if you take your pet places or have new arrivals on a regular basis. Taking your dog to the park or to an event? Give your pet aK9FLEA KILLER®capsule when you get there! Any fleas that jump on your pet for a snack over the next several hours while you’re there will be killed. No more bringing fleas home from the dog park!

Please note:This product is only in your pet's system for 24 hours and although it kills existing fleas, new fleas may form from eggs and larvae on your pet and in surrounding areas. A follow up treatment may be necessary to break the life cycle if you aren't already using a monthly flea control product. I recommend using the other product I sell calledK9Flea Control®to keep new fleas from developing.

K9FLEA KILLER®must be given with a FULL MEAL.


TheK9FLEA KILLER®kills LIVE fleas over a 24-hour period and can be used differently for different situations. For example, If you have an infestation new fleas will be hatching daily from eggs the fleas have already laid. This will explain why you may see fleas again a day or two after treatment. You will need to give follow up treatments ofK9Flea Killer®for an infestation if you have one. You will need to give each pet one capsule every 5 days for a month, and then you can give it as needed or monthly. By giving your pet a capsule once every 5 days the first month you will be killing the newly hatched fleas before they can begin reproducing.

TheK9TAPEWORM KILLER®kills both types of tapeworms found in cats and dogs. Praziquantel is the only product that kills both kinds of tapeworms.

K9FLEA KILLERmust be given with a FULL MEAL.

If you have more than one pet, treat every pet for best results.

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