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Duralift 41 Grooming Table (Ultimate Package)

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Duralift 41 Grooming Table (Ultimate Package):

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[isdntekvideo] Overhead Bar with Dryer
  • Blue Tooth Vacuum with Hose
  • 8” Tall Groom Guard
  • Tool Caddy
  • Electric lift
  • Lift height 41” to 7” of the Ground
  • Table Top 24” x 48”
  • Double Grooming Arm
  • (2) 110 Outlets
  • (2) USB Ports
  • (6) Hanging Hooks
  • Loading Capacity 300lbs.
  • FREE The Vacuum Comb Ultimate Grooming System

    The “Ultimate Grooming System” from K9 Kennels is the perfect choice for any groomer. It offers all the features you expect and many more that just aren’t available anywhere else.

    This system combines safety, convenience, reliability, and value; making it a true favorite among our professional clients. At the foundation of the system is an exceptionally sturdy, high-powered grooming table that delivers an unusually wide lifting range and has an unmatched lifting capacity of 300 pounds, yet the table drops to an ultra-low 10 inches from the floor, making it easy for any dog to get on or off the table. The top table mat features a slip resistant surface and is easily removed for quick cleaning.

    Built upon this rock-solid foundation is the safest, most unique and efficient grooming system on the market.

    Let me Introduce you to - “The Groom Guard!”

    As every groomer knows, dogs stepping or falling off the table is a real concern. In most cases the dog isn’t hurt, but it can be unsettling for both the dog and the groomer, especially if the dog is attached to an overhead bar.

    The ‘Groom Guard’ acts as a barrier to prevent dogs from stepping off the table edge. This creates a secure environment for even the most skittish dogs. With the ‘Groom Guard’ in place, pets stay on the table safe and sound. No longer will dogs inadvertently step or fall off the table.

    The durable high-density plastic sides are 8” tall and they quickly fold down, out of the way, giving unobstructed access to work on the dog’s feet and legs.

    The ‘Groom Guard’ also adds a pleasant touch of color to any salon or clinic with color options of: blue, red, green, yellow or clear.

    If you already have a grooming table, the ‘Groom Guard’ clamps easily and securely to most grooming tables.

    Another fun grooming accessory from K9 Kennels is the ‘tool caddy’. It keeps clippers, scissors, brushes and products organized and within easy reach. There’s no need to leave your dog unattended while grabbing a tool, because everything is right there.

    In addition to our full overhead grooming bar, K9 Kennels offers an overhead accessory bar, with a dryer and vacuum. The dryer and vacuum are mounted at eye level with handy hooks to control the hoses. And, unlike anything else on the market, our vacuum comes with a bluetooth wireless switch, so the vacuum motor can be located outdoors, or in a separate room to control the noise. Simply hit the switch on the accessory bar to operate the vacuum.

    Then attach shedding combs and clippers and easily trim, style and clean up the animal.

    When it comes to looks, the Ultimate Grooming System is unmatched.

    Please, just take a few seconds and look at this table.

    Doesn’t it look Great? With its clean lines and solid construction, it simply embodies professionalism.

    And it comes with everything, including:

    -Water-resistant pedals for ease of operation

    -Two 120-volt electrical outlets

    -2 USB ports

    -Hanging hooks for clippers, shears and towels

    -A sliding drawer

    -A large table-top that is 29½ inches by 49½ inches, making this the perfect choice for large dogs.

    -A fully extended table height of 41”, so even the tallest groomers can work comfortably.

    -Four adjustable feet for leveling on uneven surfaces.

    -A sturdy overhead double grooming bar to secure any dog in the perfect position.

    -And smooth reliable lifting power from a LINAK linear actuator.

    LINAK is known for its durability, longevity and smooth lifting power. This is the same actuator used in most hospital beds. This state-of-the-art actuator creates an electric, hydraulic lift that will not jostle or scare the animal that you are grooming.

    One of our most popular tables is the 801PRO Low-Low X-Style Grooming Table. This model gets its lowest point to just 7 inches, which makes it extremely easy for pets to step on – particularly helpful for mature, large, and weak-from-age animals. With a world-class actuator, the weight load capacity is 300lbs and utilizes X-style framing for stable, powerful, and quiet lifting controlled by water resistant foot pedals. The slip-resistant top is removable and easy to clean. The power supply (protected by a breaker with leakage detector) accommodates up to 220V appliances and 2 USB ports to charge cell phones next to the transparent storage drawer for quick-grab tools. On the other side, hanging hooks accommodate other equipment. Each of these grooming tables is equipped with adjustable leveling feet. For added care and protection, we have included one of the leveling feet to be metal, grounding all electrical currents should an unruly animal cause damage to the table. Each table comes with an easy to adjust overhead grooming arm for free.

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