Dog Sled Scooter Slick Husky Malamute Schnauzer USA For Sale - New and Used

Dog Sled Scooter  Slick Husky Malamute Schnauzer USA

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Dog Sled Scooter Slick Husky Malamute Schnauzer USA:

Adult and Dog Fitness - Siberian Husky, Giant Schnauzer and Alaskan Malamute dog sled scooter

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There is an interesting and unique sport with dogs and their owners. As you know a dog sled, there are hundreds of beautiful stories about the relation ship between the human and their loving dogs working together in a sever weather. Some of the lucky dog lovers actually experience this exotic sport. However, most of people have physically no access to enjoy working with their dogs in the snow. Our idea ofHippo Scooter is to bring this sport to our regular daily life without special conditions and equipment. To accomplish a project after you train your dogs and work out with them will fill you with fullness, satisfaction and gives you mental and physical relaxation, not only to you, but your dog. EnjoyHippo Dog Scootering anywhere and any time with the humans most lovable best friend.

The Slick Scooter comes with a 16 inch front BMX bike tire and super fat, 14.5 inch diameter, 6 inch wide, Chevron rear tire. The combination of these tires creates great maneuverability and performance. The Slick turns quicker than other ATV Scooters because of BMX bike tire and you have more stopping and slowing control because of the hand brake. These big tires can cross over narrow cracks on the side walk, roll on the short cut grass or hard surfaced dirt. Other small plastic wheel scooters may have trouble with these conditions. The great big rear tire on this scooter makes for exceptional stability at slower speeds. It is nice not to have to pedal to control your balance when your dog slow down when going up hill. And it is easy to balance the scooter even at an almost standstill. Through dirt, grass, brush, and on cement and asphalt the scooter provides a really smooth ride. Because of bike front tire it does not ride through deep sand with the ease of the All Terrain or other ATV scooters. As safety is our main concern, this scooter comes equipped with front Caliper brakes and rear pressure brake. Total length: 61 inch Height: 42 inches. Weight: 46 lb., The platform is 19 inch long with a rear width of 9 inch tapering to 8 inches in the front. You can stand comfortably with your feet side by side while the dogs pull. It will handle up to 500 lb.! Color: redonly at this time.

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