Cat Comfort Zone Feliway Refill OR Diffuser OR Spray OR Pkg OR Multicat DEAL For Sale - New and Used

Cat Comfort Zone Feliway Refill OR Diffuser OR Spray OR  Pkg OR Multicat DEAL

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Cat Comfort Zone Feliway Refill OR Diffuser OR Spray OR Pkg OR Multicat DEAL :

Please note that if FREE shipping is selected item will arrive within 6-9 business days. Expedited shipping is 4-6 business days, unless noted different above. I always try to keep everyone updated as to what are status is as we are disabled Veterans who have good and bad days/weeks medically, but we always update you and try to make it worth the wait if we can't ship immediately (most items received in 5-9 days). To Keep prices down, I do get VERY creative in Shipping...I have used every box in my kitchen i.e. cracker boxes, waffle's etc...LOL (read below for more information). ITEMS DO NOT ALWAYS SHIP IN ORIGINAL CLAM SHELLS, BUT...I do ship them safely, if you would like original packaging let me know, it will be a bit more for the shipping billed separately (generally $1 to $2:-)Purchase COMFORT ZONE and Help a Rescued Animal get into a Hero Veteran's Heart!SAVE and purchase a Package DEAL!
Up for sale is eitherORIGINAL Comfort Zone Feliway ORMULTICAT Comfort Zone (please ask about difference:1. Refill Only _ ALL refills have Non-expired Dates (most 1-2+ years out)! -
2. Diffuser with the Refill that it comes with -
3. Diffuser with the Refill that it comes with PLUS 1 EXTRA refill -
4. 2 Refill's...SAVE!
5. 4 Refill's...SAVE!
6. 6 Refill's...SAVE!
6. 10 Refill's...SAVE!
7. 75ml Spray (2.34oz)8. MulticatDiffuser with the Refill that it comes with9.MulticatRefill Only _ ALL refills haveNon-expired Dates (most 1-2+ years out)!-10.Multicat2 let me know what you need and we'll make a custom package for you and your kitties!FREE SHIPPING!COMFORT ZONE Feliway (original) is Veterinarian recommended and has Feliway.
  • Comfort Zone is proven to help end urine marking as well as vertical scratching naturally.
  • It also helps to comfort cats in high anxiety or stressful environments.
  • The comfort zone refill is for use with the comfort zone diffuser.

COMFORT ZONE MULTICAT is the new formula.

  • Helps Reduce the Frequency and Intensity of Tension & Conflict Between Cats in Homes with Multiple Cats. Helps to create a calming environment.
  • Start to See Results in a Week
  • Veterinarian Recommended & Clinically Proven
Use Comfort Zone Multicat together with Comfort Zone Feliway if the cats urine mark and scratch as well as have tension and conflict.SHIPPING NOTE: To keep shipping prices down and free, I might take an extra refill bottle and and add it to the diffuser in the pkg deal or vice-verse if a 2 pack deal. ALLLLL items are new, I just get creative with shipping to keep it under 13oz total for certain packages, and to fit in flat rate envelopes for others:-) This also allows me to add an extra goody's if I have some to the sale by not paying for shipping containers and wrappers;-). ?'s please ask. If you would like to have all packaging just let me know.100% of profits from our items go to "Matching One Loving Rescued Pet To One Deserving U.S. Vet". We are a NV based non-profit and sell pet supplies to raise funds to match anything from a Service Dog to a Kitty to a Lizard! Proceeds pay for medical care, training, and all the supplies needed to get our Veterans going. Our organization was started and is run by ALL disabled Veterans And Families! God Bless Brenda Carlson, U.S. Navy Disabled Veteran and Founder ofHero Pets 4 Hero Vets.


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